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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Visiting a new congregation can feel uncomfortable. New faces...unfamiliar names...uncertain about what you should expect...we get it. But don't worry about those things. Whether you're more comfortable in a suit and tie or jeans and a t-shirt, we don't have a dress code (as long as you are wearing clothes. :) Piercing? Tattoos? We're not here to judge. Just come as you are. We'd just be thrilled to have you with us!

Our worship is simple, much like that of the first century church. Here are a few things you can expect.


Bulletins are available in the west foyer, on the table beside the bulletin board. They contain a list of announcements, our updated prayer list and a brief outline of the sermon. Feel free to grab one on the way in.


Most likely, several people will greet you when you arrive. Our members love to have new visitors! We aren't trying to be nosy. It's our way of trying to smother you (just kidding). We just want to introduce ourselves and learn a little bit about you. You might be given a visitors card and a small gift with some information about us. You don't need to fell obligated to fill it out , but if you would like to, you can do so and put it in the collection plate as it passes by.

Bible Study

Our Bible studies are simple. We usually have material we provide so you can follow along. Typically, we study a subject or a book of the Bible.

Our gatherings are simple. One person typically leads the study but we try to foster an environment that welcomes participation. We believe that every person has their own insight, perspective and experiences they can draw from. The more comments people make, the more interesting the usually class is. You are welcome to participate in the discussion - we love it when you do!

Don't worry or be embarrassed if you don't know the Bible very well. We all started where you are at some point. The Bible takes a little while to become familiar with, so if you need help finding the verses we are discussing, someone would be more than happy to help get you pointed in the right direction if you'd like. And if you don't have a Bible of your own and would like one we can provide one (free of charge, of course).


Before our classes or worship assemblies begin, there may be a need to make a brief announcement or two. Typically, this period is used to update our members about people who have been sick, mention those needing prayers, announcing upcoming events or other information that pertains to the congregation.


The one thing you might find most noticeably different during our worship is our singing. Because there isn't solid evidence the first century church worshiped singing, accompanied by instruments, we sing in the same style - acapella (without musical accompaniment).


Various prayers may be offered throughout our worship assemblies. Prayer is a central part of our worship, since it is our opportunity to petition God.


We take communion every Sunday. Jesus asked His disciples to do so remembering Him. (Luke 22:19). We honor His command to do so, reflecting on His death and the blood that He shed, offering us the forgiveness of our sins.


The early church also collected funds from time to time in order to finance the local work, offer help to those in need and support church leaders. Our visitors shouldn't feel obligated to give (we won't think bad of you - promise) but you are free to give if you wish. Our worship assembly is simply a convenient time for us to meet the needs of the congregation.


During worship, you can expect to hear a Bible-based lesson presented. They usually cover a passage of scripture or a particular topic in a way that is designed to help us increase our understanding, improve our lives, to strengthen and encourage us or to warn us against dangers. Often, slides are projected on the wall to help reinforce the lesson and help the audience follow along.

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